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Protect yourself against electrosmog

Protect yourself and those living in your home against the electrosmog produced by wireless radiation, electrical wiring, and electrical appliances.
This Web site offers information to those affected, architects, physicians, and those interested in the facts and exposure limits of technical electromagnetic fields – commonly called electrosmog – that are emitted by virtually any electrical appliance. is an information platform on electromagnetic pollution that provides in-depth research in a rich multi-media format. Leading companies from the building sector and those offering EMF protection solutions support this valuable Internet resource.
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How can you protect yourself against electrosmog?

Explore the many solutions available to protect your home or apartment. As a professor for RF, microwave and radar technology at the German Armed Forces University Munich, Prof. Pauli, for example, has discovered that there are many building materials that offer protection against wireless radiation.

Based on real-life examples, the various technical electromagnetic fields are clearly explained in everyday language-regardless if they come from the outside into your home or if they are produced right inside. Then possible protection solutions and remediation suggestions are described.

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Federal Court of Justice of Germany (BGH)—Cell phone antennas on rooftops only with consent of all shared property owners

Apartment owners of a condominium association must not enforce the installation of cell phone antennas on their rooftop against the will of individual apartment owners.

The Federal Court of Justice of Germany (BGH) in Karlsruhe announced this decision in its ruling on 24.01.2014. Due to the controversy over possible health effects from cell phone antennas, there is "at least the serious possibility of a reduction in the rental or sales value of the condominiums," the explanation said. Therefore, all apartment owners would have to support such a decision (Az.: V ZR 48/13).

English translation of dpa news

Original article in German magazine Focus:

Shielding against Electrosmog Is Tax Deductible

Press release from 2 April 2012

Expenses for the shielding of a condominium against RF radiation can be deducted from the income tax as exceptional expenditures. The Tenth Circuit of the Finance Court Cologne issued this decision on 8 March 2012 (10 K 290/11).