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Grounding sheets

Grounding or earthing sheets for the bed are aggressively advertised and sold via mail order companies as well as by door-to-door salespersons and after "measurements have been taken" at the customer's home.

"de" 11/2005, the professional journal for electrical engineering technicians and facility managers, writes:

"Building biology home wiring systems-market with a future.
However, this area is also filled with lots of charlatans who may bring this entire branch into disrepute. As an example, we will show in this article what it is about grounding pads and sheets."

Read complete article (PDF)

Ground the grounding pad and simply relax? The advertisement of bedding manufacturers brings the good news into every home. Buyers beware! Being grounded is not equal to zero-field exposure.

Educate yourself about the problems associated with grounding sheets and the testing methods of electrical fields.   Read article (PDF)

The following companies offer products protecting against ELF or wireless radiation:

Home wiring Danell Gigahertz Biologa
Rooms Biologa Rigips STO
  BioSol KS  

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