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Only a certain amount of RF radiation usually enters through the floor. This situation, however, is quickly changed when the occupants of the apartments below use DECT cordless phones or Wi-Fi and make frequent and lengthy phone calls on their cell phones. Occasionally there are also other RF radiation sources that can have an adverse effect. In any such case, it makes sense to take precautions and install shielding in the floor.

In special circumstances, when e.g. the room is located on an upper floor in a wood-frame house, or DECT cordless phones or other wireless devices are used by those living below, floors should be included in the shielding concept. There are various building materials that offer a natural shielding effect against RF radiation due to the type of material or their thickness. When planning a new home, the specific shielding characteristics of the various building materials should also be taken into account. It is indeed possible to reduce the exposure level by choosing the correct building material or combination of materials with low and high shielding effectiveness. Even in the case of an extremely high external RF radiation source, it is possible to significantly reduce the exposure on the inside by placing two materials with a high shielding effectiveness in front of each other.

In addition, the level of RF shielding of floors can be considerably improved by installing RF-shielding boards.

When building new or renovating, alternating electrical fields can be conducted away by grounding the reinforcement fabric or an electrically conductive flooring component (adhesive and floor covering).

In this manner, you can effectively protect specific rooms such as a bedroom or a child's bedroom. This also applies to sensitive areas such as operating rooms or conference rooms both in commercial as well as industrial settings.

We offer you a list of competent solution providers whose products can reduce the electromagnetic pollution in your home or apartment.

The products of these companies have been approved by accredited institutes. You can obtain more information about these products directly from the manufacturer.

Biologa GmbH
Hauptstraße 27
D- 72336 Balingen
00 49 7433 955 7172
00 49 7433 955 6803

Since 1976 Biologa has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing products for reducing the exposure to ELF electrical and magnetic fields as well as RF radiation.

Highly effective products shielding against RF radiation from Biologa include:
shielding fiber mats, shielding paint, and reinforcement fabric


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