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Insulation materials such as softwood fiberboards, clay roof tiles, thatch roofing, cellulose, rock wool boards, or polystyrene do not offer any noteworthy protection against RF radiation.

Sheet metal, copper, and aluminum offer a very high level of protection.

Especially well suited for flow-through roof assemblies are the special gypsum boards "Climafit" (Rigips) or the glass fabric G-ES (Biologa), as well as various other mesh and fiber mat products (Biologa).

On the one hand, aluminum foil is not permeable to air but shields against RF radiation. On the other hand, it is usually coated on both sides with PE so that it is not possible to establish a connection to the ground potential in order to avoid the exposure to undesirable ELF electrical fields.

We offer you a list of competent solution providers whose products can reduce the electromagnetic pollution in your home or apartment.

The products of these companies have been approved by accredited institutes. You can obtain more information about these products directly from the manufacturer.

Paul Bauder GmbH & Co.
Korntaler Landstr. 63
D-70499 Stuttgart

Paul Bauder GmbH & Co. is regarded as one of the most important manufacturers of waterproofing systems, insulation systems, and green roofing systems.

A green roof provides nearly 100% protection against RF radiation.

Biologa GmbH
Hauptstraße 27
D- 72336 Balingen
00 49 7433 955 7172
00 49 7433 955 6803

Since 1976 Biologa has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing products for reducing the exposure to ELF electrical and magnetic fields as well as RF radiation.

Highly effective products shielding against RF radiation from Biologa include:
shielding fiber mats, shielding paint, and reinforcement fabric

Schreinerei Ziegelmeier
Schäufelinstr. 18
D-86720 Nördlingen
Tel:. 00 49 - 90 81 - 39 10

We manufacture RF-shielding windows, doors, and entrance doors made from wood, wood-aluminum, plastic-aluminum, and aluminum. For MCS sufferers (multiple chemical sensitivity), we also offer custom-made models.

Our windows and doors meet the insulation level of the passive house standard and also the burglar-resistance level up to RC2 (previously WK); RC3 is being developed.

Models with built-in security against interception have been independently tested according to MIL-STD_188-125-2 and NSA 94-106.


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