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In most electrical devices such as clock radios, kitchen appliances, bedside lamps, or TVs, the supply voltage of 230 V or 110 V is stepped down to a lower voltage such as 6 or 12 V for technical and safety reasons.

This is usually done by integrating simple and inexpensive standard transformers, which emit relatively high magnetic fields.

Even though the field strength decreases with the square of the distance, it only falls below the precautionary threshold level of 0.2 µT (2 mG) recommended by various institutes at ca. 50 cm distance.

Moreover, supply cables and extension cords still give rise to alternating electrical fields when only plugged in, but not turned on. Sewing machines, electric ranges, and induction cooktops are sources of strong magnetic fields.

Again, take precautionary measures: keep a safe distance, switch off, and unplug. In some cases, you can also switch to battery-operated devices such as a clock radio.

The following companies offer products protecting against ELF or wireless radiation:

Home wiring Danell Gigahertz Biologa
Rooms Biologa Rigips STO
  BioSol KS  

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