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The confusion of measurement units stops here

When you are trying to find specific exposure limits, measurement units come with all kinds of symbols and notations. Most people are not in the position to understand the exact physical background without consulting an expert.

In order to shed some light on this subject, we have developed the exposure limit calculator. It shows the various official exposure limits of selected countries for certain frequency ranges and devices.

These facts are based on a study by the Research Center Jülich for the Bavarian State Ministry of Planning and the Environment from May 2001.

For the purposes of clarity and better illustration, the exposure limits are given as electrical field strength with the unit V/m. Conversions are provided in the scroll area of the center column below the exposure limit graph..


Which is higher?

2 kV/m or 10,61 W/m²

The minicomputer allows you to convert any unit relevant to electrosmog into the measurement unit [W/m˛]. You will always be in the know now.

Exposure limit calculator




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