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Cell phones

Cell phones typically have a maximum power output of 2 watts (GSM 900), 1 watt (GSM 1800) or 1 watt (UMTS).

Cell phone technologies based on frequency modulations emit a pulse frequency of 217 Hz. Since cell phones limit their signal transmissions to identifying the location in standby mode, relevant RF radiation exposures mostly occur only during those times when a phone call is made.

Even though the RF radiation emission falls off rapidly, the greater the distance to the device is, it is high enough to penetrate a few centimeters into the head while being held close to the head during a phone call.

The ears and the brain areas close to the cell phone are particularly affected, and to a lesser degree the eyes. A user's actual exposure level, however, depends on how the cell phone is held and how good the reception is. Furthermore, there are major differences between individual cell phone models.

Stop! We can show you what the radiation of your cell phone looks like

Since you just happen to be sitting in front of the computer, simply perform the following experiment. We do not accept any liability for any damages. However, you need not worry; nothing has ever happened before.

Place your cell phone next to the computer monitor (only works with CRTs) and call your own cell phone via a landline. Did you see how the screen jittered and the screen image was distorted? If you have speakers connected to the PC, switch them on and you will hear your cell phone's radiation.

The consumer magazine Ökotest tests products for their electromagnetic emissions on a regular basis. Current test results can be found at

Since the emission levels of cell phones vary greatly, one should also educate oneself prior to any purchase.
The nova-Institut provides current listings on the Internet at
Cell phone manufacturers now specify the SAR (specific absorption rate) value of their products. However, they do not do so right on the cell phone itself but in the user's manual and also on the Internet at
To reduce your exposure further, all you can do is to use your cell phone less or not at all.

The following companies offer products protecting against RF or wireless radiation:

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