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Electric blankets

Electric blankets, pads, and mattress pads are usually constructed in a similar manner: They consist of two layers of foam or a similar material with an external layer of napped cotton or a synthetic fabric. Millimeter-thin heating wires are fixed between the layers in a snake-like pattern.

When switched on, ELF electrical and magnetic fields are produced, which at such close proximity to the body expose the user to rather high field intensities.

This is why heating blankets should only be used for preheating. Even if switched off but still plugged in, ELF electrical fields are given off.

If you would rather not do without, only use an electric blanket to preheat your bed. Better yet, not only switch it off when done, but also remove the plug from the outlet. Ideally, you would also want to remove the entire heating blanket from the bed to avoid any ambient electrical fields from coupling into its wiring.

The following companies offer products protecting against ELF or wireless radiation:

Home wiring Danell Gigahertz Biologa
Rooms Biologa Rigips STO
  BioSol KS  

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