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High-voltage power lines

In Germany, electricity is supplied across the entire country via high-voltage underground and overhead power lines with a three-phase current at 50 Hz and voltages at 110, 220, and 380 kV, as in most European countries. In North America, utilities supply electricity at a frequency of 60 Hz. In many European countries the railroad network operates at 16.7 Hz.

These networks produce both ELF electrical fields as well as ELF magnetic fields. The electrical field strength near the ground is the higher, the higher the applied voltage is, the farther apart the conductors are spaced, and the shorter the distance to the exposure location is.

The magnetic field strength near the ground depends, among other things, on the strength of the current as well as the spacing of the conductors, the distance between them and the phase configuration. The highest exposure levels occur at the point of maximum power-line sag.

Since it is very difficult and rather costly to shield these ELF magnetic fields, it is recommended to keep sufficient distance from high-voltage power lines (and if possible, not to live directly under them.)

When inhomogeneous electrical fields (e.g. caused by dirt, insects, etc.) in localized spots on the outer surface of the power line conductor exceed the dielectric threshold of the atmosphere, spark discharges (corona discharges) occur. Just like other atmospheric discharges, these power line discharges also generate RF noise, up into the MHz range.

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