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Selection criteria

1. Detailed cost estimate
2. Inventory of current situation on site
3. Comprehensive assessments
4. Application of professional testing methods with top-quality equipment
5. Testing based on scientifically recognized methods and reproducible measurement procedures
6. Identification of sources
7. Evaluation of testing results according to legally binding exposure limits, regulations, the current state of science, and precautionary recommendations
8. Planning and advice regarding individual protection solutions
9. Detailed protocol
10. Support during the implementation of remediation work (upon request)
11. Follow-up measurements after completion of remediation work (recommended)
12. Does not sell products (e.g. shielding materials, measurement equipment, etc.)

During any ongoing work and the implementation of remediation work, your EMF expert will not leave you out in the cold. Upon request, he or she will accompany your project up until the perfect solution has been found.

The EMF experts are looking forward to your inquiries.

We compiled the most frequently asked questions from real life and had experts answer them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (available in German only)

All EMF protection solutions at a glance

The EMF experts listed on this Web site do fulfill all these criteria. They are independent in their work and separate from manufacturers or products. They have committed themselves to meet the VDB Guidelines when taking measurements and implementing quality assurance.
Guidelines of the VDB e.V.(German Association of Building Biology Professionals)


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