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Electrosmog penetrates through windows, doors, roofs, walls, and floors

The following remediation strategies can help you to considerably reduce your exposure to electrosmog in your home. There are protection solutions available that allow you to partially protect individual rooms such as bedrooms or children's rooms. But it is also possible to protect the entire home provided that project-specific protection measures are implemented.

Please note that the information provided on this Web site can by no means replace the testing and consulting by a qualified professional. Refer to "Professional Help" for contact details. We therefore do not accept any liability.

Shielding against Electrosmog Is Tax Deductible

Press release from 2 April 2012

Expenses for the shielding of a condominium against RF radiation can be deducted from the income tax as exceptional expenditures. The Tenth Circuit of the Finance Court Cologne issued this decision on 8 March 2012 (10 K 290/11).

Radio-frequency radiation

First and foremost, avoid and reduce RF radiation sources in your own four walls such as:
- DECT cordless phones that continuously emit pulsed RF radiation
- Microwave ovens
- Cell phones in standby
- Wi-Fi access points

The shielding effectiveness of building materials varies greatly. The chapter "How high is your exposure?" will introduce you to the basics. Detailed testing reports of numerous building products can be found in the publication by Pauli & Moldan.

Holistic solutions and help

Regarding the uncertainty of adverse health effects in humans caused by RF radiation, researchers still choose their words rather cautiously: "the evidence suggests," "the evidence is mounting," or "can no longer be assumed to be safe." Electrosensitive people are even labeled as weirdos and fakes. On this Web site, we show you solutions that help you create safe living spaces; they ensure that the electrosmog exposures penetrating from the outside will be reduced c onsiderably inside your home or apartment.

Experts who offer professional advice and remediation concepts can be found under "Professional Help."

ELF electromagnetic fields

First and foremost, avoid and reduce sources of ELF electromagnetic fields in your own four walls, especially in bedrooms, such as:
- Alternating electrical fields caused by power cords connecting such devices as clock radios, heating blankets, consumer electronics, lighting, and water beds
- Alternating magnetic fields caused by transformers as found in clock radios, lighting, and water beds.

It is possible to avoid these fields by:
- Removing the plug from the outlet
- Using power bars or switchable outlets
- Installing a demand switch
- Keeping a distance
- Installing shielded cables
- Implementing a low-emission wiring layout


With regard to shielding RF radiation, grounding usually does not play any role, but it is very important for the shielding of ELF electrical fields from e.g. high-voltage power lines or home wiring. Grounding should always be installed by a qualified electrician.



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