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Home wiring

Demand switches are usually installed in the circuit breaker box of a home wiring system. The respective circuit is deenergized each time when no electricity is drawn and all devices are turned off. A control light indicates that the demand switch has been correctly activated or deactivated. It is a very simple system. Usually bedrooms and children's bedrooms are already connected to a dedicated electrical circuit. Then the existing circuit breaker is simply replaced with the demand switch, and the hookup by an electrician takes only half an hour. (In North America, the demand switch needs to be installed next to the circuit breaker box.)

From a building biology perspective, wiring (cables in walls and ceilings) should always be upgraded to meet the latest code requirements. ELF electromagnetic field exposure caused by outlets and light switches is usually quite low. Therefore, shielded outlets are primarily installed near a child's bed, etc.

Shielded cables offer protection against ELF electromagnetic fields. In new homes or renovation projects, cables are often run through electrical conduits or ducts and thus parts of them can be replaced. Special electrical boxes for outlets and switches make the shielded installation complete.

By the way, a home wiring installation with ca. 500 m shielded cables only costs roughly €25,000 more than common wiring.

We offer you a list of competent solution providers whose products can reduce the electromagnetic pollution in your home or apartment.

The products of these companies have been approved by accredited institutes. You can obtain more information about these products directly from the manufacturer.

Biologa GmbH
Hauptstraße 27
D- 72336 Balingen
00 49 7433 955 7172
00 49 7433 955 6803

Since 1976 Biologa has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing products for reducing the exposure to ELF electrical and magnetic fields as well as RF radiation.

Highly effective products shielding against RF radiation from Biologa include:
shielding fiber mats, shielding paint, and reinforcement fabric

BioSol OHG
Innovationspark Rheinland
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 21-23
53501 Grafschaft - Ringen

Through its mail order business, BioSol OHG offers remediation products for all major categories of the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines. At BioSol OHG you can find a large selection of many different shielding materials protecting against RF radiation and ELF electromagnetic fields, as well as the largest selection of various solutions with regard to pollutants, allergies, or mold.

Solutions for RF radiation exposures:
Shielding paints, shielding nonwoven wallpaper, reinforcement mesh (plaster, dry construction system, roof), materials and fabrics for curtains and drapes, and RF canopies for beds.

Danell GmbH
Postfach 1224
Hugenottenallee 150
D-63263 Neu-Isenburg
00 49 - 06102-7780-0
00 49 - 06102-7780-44

Danell in Neu-Isenburg is a manufacturer of foil-shielded cables, power cords, extension cords, multiple-outlet power bars, power bus systems, and more.

Please refer to the sales partners Biologa and BioSol on this page for more extensive information on this topic.

Gigahertz Solutions GmbH
Mühlsteig 16
D-90579 Langenzenn
00 49 - 09101-9093-0
00 49 - 09101-9093-23

The most common recommendation made by EMF experts in the context of home wiring is to deenergize electrical circuits to reduce "homemade" ELF electromagnetic fields. The demand switch is installed in the circuit breaker box and automatically energizes the circuit whenever electricity is used or a device is turned on. The bedroom, for example, can thus be kept free of any "homemade" fields.


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