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Microwave ovens

At home, microwave ovens are used to heat food and meals.

They usually range from 300 to 1300 watts with an operating frequency of 2.45 GHz. Due to the extremely fast reversal of the dipole direction, water molecules start to rotate and thus create heat.

The use of multiple protective switches and seals prevents the microwave radiation from leaking or at least reduces the leakage to the legally stipulated minimum.

Since the life expectancy of these appliances is relatively long, normal wear and tear can affect the door latches and seals, which can lead to greater leakage in older models.

The signs of wear and tear around the door latches and seals should only lead to increased radiation leakage in older models.

But even new microwave ovens show a certain level of leakage as permitted by law. For this reason, keep at least 2 meters distance to a microwave oven when in use. Certainly keep children away from microwave ovens because they are more vulnerable to the effects of the leaking microwave radiation.

The following companies offer products protecting against ELF or wireless radiation:

Home wiring Danell Gigahertz Biologa
Rooms Biologa Rigips STO
  BioSol KS  

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