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Wireless networks

With regard to electromagnetic pollution, the most hotly debated topic right now is the expansion and thus also the effects of wireless communication technologies.

Germany has almost 50,000 cell tower sites. With the deployment of the UMTS network, experts expect to see 40,000 to 60,000 new transmitters added in Germany.

Transmitting antennas create pulsed signals with a power output from 5 to 40 watts with a typical antenna gain of 50 at the following frequencies:
GSM 900: 925-960 MHz
GSM 1800: 1805-1880 MHz
UMTS: 2110-2170 MHz

Due to their lower power output—in contrast to broadcast or TV transmitters—cell antennas are much more closely spaced. In urban areas, the distance between individual cell towers has in some cases already shrunk to only a few hundred meters. Despite today's pulse-modulation technologies, which can service up to eight devices at one frequency, the actual capacity of a cell tower is limited.

Technical facts regarding power output levels...

Would you like to know where and just how many cell antennas are located near you? This information is available for the UK, US, Canada, and other countries.

RF transmitters in your area

The following companies offer products protecting against RF or wireless radiation:

Floors Biologa    
Walls Biologa Rigips klimaPOR
  STO BioSol KS
Windows NEHER BioSol Biologa
Doors NEHER BioSol Biologa
Ceilings Rigips BioSol Biologa
Roofs Bauder Ziegelmeier  
Rooms Biologa Rigips STO
  BioSol KS  

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