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We offer you an insight regarding the current level of electro smog exposure in your home

Since there is no mathematical formula to exactly calculate exposure levels in indoor spaces, only measurements on site can reveal the actual exposure level. An expert, someone specifically trained for EMF testing, can do this for you.

Do you have very poor or absolutely no cell phone reception in your home? Great, the building materials surrounding you protect you against wireless radiation-or you live in a white zone.

Depending on the types of materials used in your home, you may already have a "natural" form of protection. Some construction materials, however, provide absolutely no protection. Each building material has its own set of characteristics, e.g. higher or lower noise or fire protection or thermal insulation. Until recently, no materials had been manufactured to specifically reduce RF radiation exposure levels.

Only recently testing has been performed that has identified the existing "natural" shielding characteristics of building materials, and special products have also been developed. There are no winners or losers-each material has its own special features.


The shielding effectiveness of frequently used building materials

The following shielding characteristics for RF radiation were discovered at the German Armed Forces University in Munich (Neubiberg) during laboratory tests. In real life, the connections between walls and ceilings as well as building openings or window frames as well as the use of different building materials must also be taken into consideration. This means that the listed values can only serve as a guide.

It is important to know the current exposure level because attenuation by 95% can mean the following: for an exposure level of 10 µW/m², this would translate into a remaining level of 0.5 µW/m²; however, an initial exposure level of 1,000 µW/m² would only be reduced to 50 µW/m² after shielding.

The results of all tested materials have been published in the study "Reduction and Shielding of RF and Microwaves." The second edition (01/2003) replaces the bestseller from 2000 and is regarded as the source of information concerning the attenuation and shielding of RF radiation, especially for those caused by cell phone radiation.

Not only in German-speaking countries has it become a universal reference book for architects and planners, the industry and government agencies, environmental doctors and testing specialists, home builders and tenants. More than 100 building materials and special materials are shown in diagrams with their attenuation curves from 200 MHz to 10 GHz. Product information and availability as well as frequency tables and general and detailed information are indispensable components of this 60-page book.

An extract and information regarding its availability can be found at at



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