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Even if no current may actually be flowing through the wiring, ELF electrical fields are constantly emitted from outlets and along wiring.

If an appliance is connected and draws power, then ELF magnetic fields are added. These fields, however, are connected to the source of emission and rather quickly decrease in strength with increasing distance to the source.

In the case of the commonly used NYM cables, in which the three conductors are very close together (twisted), alternating magnetic fields can only be registered in its immediate vicinity. In contrast, considerably stronger fields occur around flat cables because the three conductors are spaced apart from each.

Since the field strength considerably decreases with increasing distance from the source, putting distance between you and the emission source is very helpful. New buildings should be wired with shielded cables.

When retrofitting, we would rather recommend installing a demand switch, which automatically shuts off the power when the last device using power on this circuit is turned off. Be mindful of devices that constantly consume power such as clock radios, because they can prevent the demand switch from disconnecting the circuit.

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Rooms Biologa Rigips STO
  BioSol KS  

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