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Electrosmog also penetrates through the doors of your home. The E-Smog insect screens from
NEHER-Systeme offer complete protection against RF radiation for patio doors and French windows because they are mounted onto the doorframe on the outside and cover the entire doorframe up to the wall reveal.

A pleasant side effect is:
E-Smog insect screens from NEHER-Systeme also protect you against annoying insects in the home. You can solve two problems with one product.

Front doors are usually made of wood, combined with a glass element, or vinyl. These materials provide a rather low level of protection. In masonry construction, you normally will have some other building element directly behind the entrance area that naturally provides some level of shielding and possibly may reduce RF radiation exposures.

Metal doors offer a high level of protection. Adhesive shielding films are a practical solution. The ultimate protection for an entrance door can be achieved by combining a metal door with low-E glazing.

We offer you a list of competent solution providers whose products can reduce the electromagnetic pollution in your home or apartment.

The products of these companies have been approved by accredited institutes. You can obtain more information about these products directly from the manufacturer.

NEHER Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Wellendingerstr. 15
D-78665 Frittlingen
00 49 - 07426-5282-0
00 49 - 07426-5282-50

NEHER-Systeme is the market leader for custom-made insect screens for windows and doors. In 2001
NEHER-Systeme developed a special E-Smog insect screen, which provides an almost 100% protection against RF radiation around windows and doors.

Additionally, the unobtrusive E-Smog Fly Screen provides perfect protection against insects in the home.


Schreinerei Ziegelmeier
Schäufelinstr. 18
D-86720 Nördlingen
Tel:. 00 49 - 90 81 - 39 10

We manufacture RF-shielding windows, doors, and entrance doors made from wood, wood-aluminum, plastic-aluminum, and aluminum. For MCS sufferers (multiple chemical sensitivity), we also offer custom-made models.

Our windows and doors meet the insulation level of the passive house standard and also the burglar-resistance level up to RC2 (previously WK); RC3 is being developed.

Models with built-in security against interception have been independently tested according to MIL-STD_188-125-2 and NSA 94-106.

Biologa GmbH
Hauptstraße 27
D- 72336 Balingen
00 49 7433 955 7172
00 49 7433 955 6803

Since 1976 Biologa has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing products for reducing the exposure to ELF electrical and magnetic fields as well as RF radiation.

Highly effective products shielding against RF radiation from Biologa include:
shielding fiber mats, shielding paint, and reinforcement fabric

BioSol OHG
Innovationspark Rheinland
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 21-23
53501 Grafschaft - Ringen

Through its mail order business, BioSol OHG offers remediation products for all major categories of the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines. At BioSol OHG you can find a large selection of many different shielding materials protecting against RF radiation and ELF electromagnetic fields, as well as the largest selection of various solutions with regard to pollutants, allergies, or mold.

Solutions for RF radiation exposures:
Shielding paints, shielding nonwoven wallpaper, reinforcement mesh (plaster, dry construction system, roof), materials and fabrics for curtains and drapes, and RF canopies for beds.


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