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The success story of our independent platform

There is so much to tell about the platform First, we would like to thank the many tens of thousands of visitors who regularly make use of this Web site.
electrosmog-free-living.comis now one of the top 10 German Web sites that offer in-depth and well-researched information on electromagnetic pollution. Numerous links and recommendations by TV networks and print media show us that we are on the right track. We are proud of the two Internet awards we received: Web site of the day at and Web site of the week at

We have many partners offering solutions

We now host products from 8 different companies that offer complete protection solutions to meet your needs.

Directory of EMF testing specialists from three countries is now available online.

The criteria for the selection of the EMF testing specialists we recommend are tough, but you have quite some choice in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
For information on EMF testing services in other countries, please contact

How high is your exposure?

This most visited page on our Web site has been improved. The building materials making up an apartment or home define the level of "natural" protection against electrosmog. This new simulation allows you to identify weak areas. Perfectly matched protection solutions from our platform partners round out this masterpiece of our Internet presence.

FAQ (currently available in German only)

As a special bonus, we are pleased to have gained the support of renowned experts in the field of EMF testing who took the time to answer many frequently asked questions for the users of this Web site. Frequently Asked Questions is available in German only.

About us

NEHER-Systeme in Frittlingen is the market leader for custom-made insect screens for both windows and doors. In 2001 we developed a special E-Smog insect screen, which provides an almost 100% protection against RF radiation around windows and doors. And as it so happens, the E-Smog insect screen also offers the perfect protection against insects in the home.

Our solution is perfect, BUT electrosmog penetrates through walls, roofs, and doors.

Our product managers then faced a new challenge. NEHER-Systeme has the perfect product for both windows and doors. However, our customers deserve an honest and holistic approach to EMF protection, which is only possible when all construction elements of the entire living space are taken into account.

NEHER Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Wellendingerstr. 15
D-78665 Frittlingen
0049 - 7426-5282-0
0049 - 7426-5282-50

Our goal – We offer perfect solutions

The goal of NEHER-Systemeis clearly defined: we offer perfect solutions for our customers. In order to notably reduce the amount of electrosmog exposure in living spaces, not only the windows and doors must be taken into consideration, but also the building materials of the walls and roof. Therefore, we have chosen the so-called "vertical information portal' for our Internet marketing. electrosmog-free-living.comoffers Internet users a clear picture of what their current situation is, as well as numerous tips and, of course, links to additional professional partners offering protection solutions.

We are just a little proud!

As a commercial company, we offer an exceptional product for reducing electrosmog exposure in the home. This information portal gives us the opportunity to take an active part in the Internet community concerned about electromagnetic pollution. While developing and designing this product, we have collected and researched a large number of files on the facts of electromagnetic field exposures. Our own research and test results round out this rather comprehensive data collection. With this Web site, we make this knowledge accessible to all users.

Protection against electrosmog? This calls for intelligent solutions.

Our slogan: Protect what you love.
The Web site electrosmog-free-living.comis here to inform consumers about electromagnetic pollution or electrosmog. We do not use this portal to only showcase our solutions, but we offer a holistic approach and provide interdisciplinary information.

Perfect solutions for consumers – Products from NEHER-Systeme


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